Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Missing You

Tonight was a sad night
I heard your voice
But I could not see your face
I saw everything but you

The sad reality is
That is all I have ever been able to see
You have been a shadow in the night where there is no light
A drop of water in the depths of the Ocean

Tonight I wondered yet again
What could have been?
Though to be honest I never really knew you
Never even saw you

You are as mysterious as the wind
The many nights that I have spent trying to figure you out have failed
You are what I will never know
A distant memory fast fading
A sad reality
A reminder of the summation of my past mistakes
You are that
And I still cry for closure to this sad reality

Tonight I wish to see you
Tonight I wish to experience your presence
Not for permanence
Just a moment of closure

I miss you… again

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